Laptop & Mach 3

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Laptop & Mach 3

Post by jfwbud » Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:45 pm

Does anyone run their table with a laptop and Mach 3

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Re: Laptop & Mach 3

Post by acourtjester » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:32 am

If I remember correctly there has been some problems with laptop use but I think it was with using the parallel port on the Laptop. It was about the signal strength from the Parallel post. I used a Laptop on my daughters table but it was with the USB port and Mach 4. And another table when using a USB BOB it had a separate power supplies. The USB powered the Motor signal portion but the separate power supply was for the home/limit switches and the relay trigger output section using Mach 3.
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