Compatible with the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP, Powermax 65, Powermax 85, and Powermax 105 this tool will install in seconds and add scribing capabilities to any cnc plasma cutting table.


Compatible only with the Hypertherm Powermax 125 this larger version of the original EasyScriber will install in seconds and add scribing capabilities to any cnc plasma cutting table.


Compatible with all EasyScriber models this replacement diamond tip will replace dull or damaged tips and deliver hours of scribing performance.

EasyScriber is a diamond tipped, spring loaded, scribe/engraving tool designed specifically for Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutters with Duramax torches. The EasyScriber is installed and removed in seconds, making it fast and easy to turn your cnc plasma table into a precision scribing/engraving machine. Great for scribing bend lines in parts, name's and/or logo's in trophies, plaques, detailed designs inside a plasma cut profile and much more. No additional software or hardware is required making the process very affordable and easy. EasyScribers come ready to use with 1 diamond tip which will last many hours depending on materials your scribing.

Compatible With

  • Powermax 45XP
  • Powermax 65
  • Powermax 85
  • Powermax 105
  • Powermax 125
  • PlasmaSpider Member: Weldguy
    "I love how it just screws onto the end of the torch in seconds and gives me the ability to engrave anything with CNC precision. Best $100 I ever spent!"

    • - Includes 1 diamond scribing tip
    • - Switch from plasma cutting to scribing in seconds
    • - Replaceable diamond tips provide long life and precise engraving
    • - Smooth and quiet operation compared to pneumatic engravers
    • - Simple operation requiring no additional software or hardware

    Q: How does this compare to pneumatic scribes?
    A: EasyScriber is quiet, simple, and easier to operate but will not scribe as deep into the material as a pneumatic scriber.

    Q: Will this work with any plasma torch?
    A: EasyScriber is designed for use in Hypertherm Duramax torches found on the Powermax 45XP, 65, 85, & 105.

    Q: Will this work in a hand torch?
    A: Yes it will work in a hand torch if the torch is not securely mounted and wiggles you will see that in your work.

    Q: Does the Easyscriber come with a tip when you purchase it?
    A: Yes, included is one 120° diamond tip.

    Q: How long do the diamond tips last?
    A: Lifespan of tips varies depending on the materials your scribing but will 1 tip will provide many hours of scribing.